African Environmentalism

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The environment is seen as having a spiritual dimension that extends beyond its physical prognosis in Africa. This may issue from their profound sense of appreciation for the several services made by the environment and its resources in their daily life tasks. To the African, a greater soul is always responsible for any great deed that’s extended to him/her. Thus, when s/he openly gets help to cater to his/her greatest needs of life like food, clothing, shelter, medicine, and recreation amongst others, s/he attaches spiritual value to its providers that are the environment and its resources.

The Africans don’t worship the surroundings as they would worship the maximum spirit who’s in the apex of the belief systems, the Supreme Deity. But they treat the environment and its resources with profound awe and respect. They believe it is the Supreme Deity which has given these natural things from the environment as habitats for some soul beings sent as messengers to aid the human family in their dire conditions. This belief is often known as Animism. Concerning great storms, the woods function as wind holders to protect them from the anger of the storms. The leaves, stem, barks, and roots give them medicine to heal their ailments while the fruits provide them food. To the native African, the goods and services provided him/her by the plants, rivers and other items from the environment are the handiworks of the soul residing in them. Thus, it would be improper, or an act of disrespect and lack of appreciation to wantonly destroy these terrific resources which have served them and pivoted their lifetime presence.

Out of terrific appreciation, they treat the earth and its natural resources with the best care and gentility. The rivers and water bodies aren’t defiled whatsoever whether by bathing in them, tainting its purity with menstruation blood, drowning somebody dead inside, urinating or defecating in them or even using poisonous substances to fish in them. The water bodies have been seen as having souls residing in them and these spirits will be incensed and vouch their anger about offenders of those environmental malfeasances. This maintains the purity of the river bodies and the sustainable source of its anthropogenic and environmental services. The rich abundance of biodiversity and their conservation in many areas in Africa is as a consequence of the religiosity perspective of the surroundings by the native African.

Because of the influx of Western religion and schooling in addition to globalization, many Africans that are affected by these external factors, especially the youth, have dulled the elevated sense of spiritual values for the environment. This is adversely affecting the conservation and sustainability of their natural resources in the environment. However, in local communities in which this religiosity view of this surroundings remains high, the biodiversity resources are still intact and in their pristine state. Hence, the environmental agencies and ministries in Africa must permit the standard councils to function in full abilities to apply these cultural beliefs which protect the environment. They can achieve so by setting a legislation to beef up their powers to sanction offenders who participate in environmentally friendly activities which are seen as defying the sanctity and purity of their environment. Also, assistance concerning logistics to maintain and propagate this belief in animism has to be provided to help in the upkeep of the buoyancy of their environment and its essential resources.

What Causes War

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The research of war has always attracted a plenty of interest. With time, theories which are many are indicated and elegant understanding the sources of global war. A number of these theories rely on psychological and cultural dynamics of a specific man or leaders on the whole. Various theories concentrate on the decision making practice of national politics or the regime for describing the resources of battle. Nevertheless, the 2 most prominent theories or possibly perspectives on the resources of International relations and worldwide War are Liberalism and Realism. Put simply both are theories which think about the state as the key actor in interstate conflict.

Realism is the dominating paradigm to explain the motives which triggers war. It basically has a cynical view of International politics. Depending on the neo-realist viewpoint, state behaviour is largely pushed by survival in the International arena. Thus, it openly attempts to maximize its power and also attempt to change the balance of power in its favor. Energy of any state may be identified in ways that are many but normally includes military power that a state offers in addition to latent power in terminology of wealth and inhabitants or maybe its economic power.

Neorealists, in turn, asserts that the state act in a way to guarantee its survival. So there’s simply no foolproof system to understand what the motives of various different states are in the product. This may cause a situation of the”security issue” wherein a protective actions taken by a condition might be found by other as an action threatening its survival. Hence the logical answer for states is increasing its capability and power to be certain it will survive. These steps are going to lead to what’s known as”balancing” behaviour by states.

In this particular concept, war is one of the techniques employed by powers which are great to maximize the power of theirs and ensure the survival of theirs. Terrific powers might create errors exactly where they worry other states increasing strength for their very own survival which might result in a countermove by a rival status moving them on a route to war. In other instances, only the threat of”blackmail” or force could be used to maximize power without a legitimate war going on. Various other states might motivate struggle between rival states to reduce energy of both states to finally increase the own relative power of theirs in a situation of”bloodletting”.

The polarity i.e. the quantity of powers which are great from the device additionally plays a significant role in the capacity for war. This is exactly where Mearsheimer (2001) describes a healthy bipolarity with just 2 powers which are great are the greatest stable with really low prospect of those American states going to battle together. The Cold war in which the US and also USSR maintained a bipolar method is a fantastic illustration of this particular. On the opposite hand an unbalanced multi polar apparatus is apt to find out numerous wars both in between minor and major powers at exactly the same time as in between substantial powers. The example for this is the state of forces which are great in Europe before WWII and WWI.

Liberalism is essentially based upon an optimistic outlook of International politics. While there are lots of sub-theories under this paradigm, the primary idea would be that the security dilemma that the majority of independent nations experience in an anarchic situation is relieved under several guiding principles.

Peace is guaranteed by the interdependence of both free trade and optimal involvement of states in foreign institutions that could foster acceptable norms and co-operation. The distant relative power of any state is not deemed the overriding reason behind the state’s behaviour which believes that states have the ability to modify the behavior of theirs to grow above”power politics”. This international order can easily create a virtuous circle in which advancing democracy, interdependence in industry and also boosting co-operation in overseas institutions leads to making war extremely improbable.This will then foster a feeling of collective norms and individuality that will additionally come right to a creation of the security of smaller communities where finally possibly even the notion of going to war would cease to occur.

Based on this particular concept, war occurs when these principles do not really exist. Therefore for instance, states that are autocratic tend to be more inclined being engaged in battle. The lack of interdependence through trade additionally cuts back on the incentive for states to keep peaceful relations. Lastly the absence of overseas institutions do not assist in alleviating the anarchic dynamics of this global program and this also boosts the risks of misperception and miscommunication that could result in war. In this particular concept, remote relative power of number and states of powers which are great or maybe polarity doesn’t play a substantial role in peace and war.

Both perspectives are able to offer powerful explanations on the resources of war. Possibly the very best support to the liberal perspective is going to be the regular decline in great power conflict and war after the conclusion of WWII and after the Cold War. Nevertheless, neo realist theories unlike realism provide far better and more uniform explanations on International conflict.

North Korea

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The threat of nuclear war between the USA and Russia was on the table consequently. The question is if this North Korean crisis is any different? As in 1962 that a dictator of a relatively small country is demonstrating a threat to the mighty power of North America.

In 1961 Kennedy inherited the situation by Dwight D. Eisenhower, his predecessor, who had ordered the CIA to fund and train a group of Cuban exiles with the intent of overthrowing Castro.

US firms and interests in Cuba were targeted and Castro’s anti-American rhetoric and other things had motivated Eisenhower to attempt the overthrow. On the other side, however, Cuba was ready for the attack when it occurred on Kennedy’s watch in 1962.

Since the poorly armed exiles landed they were met with counter-attacks in the Cuban army and their supply ships were sunk. While the USA anticipated the people of this island nation would rise up in support of the invasion it did not happen. Rather Russia stepped in and delivered missiles and constructed suitable bases to prevent another attempt at military intervention.

The recently elected President lost significant prestige in his own nation and the threat of atomic war was greatly escalated. So what’s the difference today with the present situation.

Trump is also recently elected. Russia is standing by and will without doubt support the aims of the dictator whose regime is strictly controlled and will stand behind him.

China hasn’t complied with requests to stop trade with the nation and Kim Jong-un seems well delighted with the crisis he’s created. No matter how much they’ve pleaded with those who might help prevent him he continues to push harder to attain his objective.

Trump has put himself out there with his high-handed dangers and to back away from them isn’t in his character. Now he’s announced that efforts to get China to assist with the crisis has failed. Will he, like Kennedy, order an invasion and will Russia and China go to the help of North Korea or stand apart.

Russia quickly went into Syria to encourage Assad, another dictator that has threatened world peace. It’s provided him with weapons and support from the Russian army so can it manage to do the exact same for North Korea?

The reason is that the Russian market is badly affected and it can’t wage such a war against the USA. It is, nevertheless, meddling in elections in the western countries, such as the USA. Where this will lead is anybody’s guess at this time but the odds of an all-out invasion by the USA and its allies into North Korea is looking more likely by the day.

We’re in the end times, regardless of what happens. By the time when the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Japan on August 6th, 1945 leaders of nations have been confronting the afternoon when a nuclear war is inevitable.

Treading carefully through the diplomatic and good-neighbour policies of authorities takes skill and Trump doesn’t have that in him. Old Testament prophecies have explained the strategy to bring the world to an end and it seems like they are coming true:

“And the slain of God shall be at that day from one end of the ground… unto another… they will be dung on the floor.” Jeremiah 26:33

That’s a frightening promise but there are cases of these from the East where the deceased are so many that burial is nearly impossible. Aleppo in Syria is one such location. The bombs that rained down on the people were indiscriminate in their own intentions and mortal in effect.

The question is whether there’ll be anyone alive to document it? Is the North Korean Crisis and Trump the causes to bring it about?

Why Nigeria’s Coup Failed

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The first coup in Nigeria isn’t any news to the Nigerian citizen. Planned by a group of military officers, it was a radical coup carried out with the only goal of controlling corruption in the country. The coup was initially planned by officers that were completely dissatisfied with political proceedings. Regrettably, betrayal set in at the H-hour, and the revolutionary coup was hijacked by their senior colleagues, thus rendering the original coup ineffective.

The first republic was characterized by corruption, nepotism, tribalism, greed, etc. The air was quite chaotic. Something which defies all fundamentals, needed to be done to stop the nation from imploding. The nation needed serious cleansing. Hence, at that moment, a radical revolution seems the only plausible solution.

They both understood each other in their college days in the University. In accordance with Uche, back in their college days, Ifeajuna abandoned their group in the H-hour during a planned protest. Unfortunately, this same mindset of Ifeajuna will gradually become evident, at a critical turning point in Nigeria’s history.

At this juncture, this guide will attach the greatest importance to the introduction of the 3 principal coup planners. Lieutenant Emmanuel Ifeajuna was a graduate of science in the University of Ibadan (UI), and also the winner of a Gold medal in the Commonwealth Games in Canada, 1954. On the other hand, Lieutenant Adewale Ademoyega was also a Sandhurst-trained officer, and was finally enlisted to the military in 1961.

On getting to know of each other’s mutual presence, the trio gradually started to plan a revolutionary coup which will purge Nigeria of societal ills. The trio decided to recruit other officers such as; Donatus Okafor, Lieutenant Adekunle Fajuyi, Major Anuforo, Captain Olusegun Obasanjo, Christian Madiebo and a rank of additional officers. On the other hand, Ifeajuna, Ademoyega, Okafor, along with many others, were stationed to take over the South. Their aim in the coup was to detain all political leaders, but if any should resist arrest, they should be taken at will. Regrettably, Obasanjo was inaccessible for the coup because of military course in India.

The trio had already aim to form a new government, if the coup became successful. They’d also plan to eliminate the Regional system, and split the nation into fourteen States. In actuality, they’d already spoken with faithful officers who would become Military Governors. Also, they’d plan to adopt a socialist form of government, and a collective possession of products and services. The education sector wasn’t left out also. According to them,”the educational system in Nigeria was an impossible enterprise that made everyone a consumer of foreign goods and a zombie of present-day technology”. It’s truly quite shameful that a University Professor of Mechanical Engineering couldn’t service his own vehicle. These and more, made up the kind of social proceedings that the coup plotters had planned for. Unfortunately, this plan didn’t see the light of day.

While Major Nzeogwu recorded a enormous success in taking over the north due to adequate preparation like;” Exercise Damissa”, there were still complications from the south. General Ironsi had escaped from him and started to summon other troops to mount a defence. At This Time, Majors Ifeajuna and Okafor fled, leaving just Majors Ademoyega and Anufolo from the South. It was at this stage the character of Ifeajuna, hinted at by his schoolmate Uche Chukwumerije, became evident. Finally both Ademoyega and Anuforo went back to Nzeogwu from the north, and the South dropped entirely under the control of General Ironsi. Here, the coup slowly started to fail.

The coup was redeemable under major Nzeogwu who was planning an assault on Ironsi from the south. In actuality, he’d made a public broadcast to the Nation;”… Our enemies are the political profiteers, the swindlers, the guys in high and low places which seek bribe and need ten percent; those who attempt to keep the Nation divided permanently, so that they can stay in office as ministers or VIPs at least…” But that strategy was shattered when Christian Madiebo, a close friend of Nzeogwu, advised him to abandon the plan and surrender to Ironsi from the South. Little did he know that his close friend, Madiebo, was easy the mouthpiece of General Ironsi, and had been in contact with him. Seconds later, Nzeogwu was detained. It was at this stage that the revolutionary coup, bent on the Nigerian society, breathe it last breath.

On a last note, it’s crystal clear that while Nzeogwu maintained the pride of this revolution until the very last end, another coup planners grew cold feet in the H-Hour of the coup. The other officers were simply cowards who didn’t foresee the need for a military revolution at a ill-stricken society. Exactly like Dr. Fidel Castro’s revolution in Cuba, the trio’s radical coup could have cleansed the Nation completely. However, the forces of betrayal prevailed, thus rendering the revolution failed. Major Nzeogwu was right to have said,”we were five in number and originally we understood quite well what we were to do… he (Ifeajuna) along with others, let us “. Therefore, the radical coup of 15th January 1966, failed for one reason; betrayal.

F-35 JSF

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Bear in mind that anti-war bumper sticker that said;”what if the Air Force had to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber?” Now that may be amusing to a left-leaning man driving a Volvo, sporting a Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead shirt, and on their way to a Sierra Club sponsored march against an oil company, but what many do not understand is the reason we have a Federal Government was not to give people what they want, but instead to provide for our common defense.

“Okay,” you say,”but what about the skyrocketing prices of a number of these war toys?” Yes, there are some enormous costs, and they’re also threatening our liberty, since without cost efficiency we can’t maintain a decent army to shield all we are and all we have assembled in this wonderful nation – and that really was lots of blood, sweat, and tears, and I am not saying that simply because of my Blue Blood Mayflower ancestry or because of my family history of hardship initially to get it going – I’m saying it, since it are true.

There was another troubling article about the expense of the JSF F-35 production in Reuters on October 25, 2013 titled;”Pentagon needs F-35 contractor accountability since it weighs output increase,” by Andrea Shalal-Esa, which said;”The Pentagon’s chief arms purchaser wants details on how Lockheed Martin Corp and other companies will be held liable for the quality and reliability of the F-35 fighter jet as he considers whether to approve an increase in the airplane’s production, U.S. defense officials said.”

Okay however, let’s not try to find blame in Lockheed so fast today, allow me to tell you why I say that. You see, among the biggest issues is feature creep, and that is not Lockheed’s fault, it’s the many change orders and those prices. There’s a disconnect between the procurement process and finite capacity scheduling models – and the new method of electronic supply chains, instant information, and real time customer support.

Lockheed should get with the program and the Pentagon should grow up and quit living in the old world -“ditch the bureaucracy you knuckle heads, I’m not please, I’m not amused, I’m not impressed,” I say. It is still possible to have six sigma on the fly – seriously – how they hell do you guys run away – if you can not even purchase a plane?

So, no I’m not a left-leaning peacenik socialist, nor am I signed on the Neo Con con-game – instead, as an American, I’m saying we could do better, and better we need to, since there are others that are quickly building up their militaries and for less price, and they have great ambitions for their future as the empire controlling planet Earth, if you can not see it, you are not watching and you have not studied your history considerably.

The right can’t shout in the left until it gets its house in order and the left can’t keep spending our treasury into oblivion if they would like to protect this wonderful state and watch it to continue to flourish. It is time to come together, it is time for some honesty, and it is time to pony up and walk the talk. Eisenhower’s warning apart, believe you me, we have created more catastrophe on the other side also, namely;

  1. Industrial Academic Complex

So, let us all come clean and start running our affairs with a little common sense. Otherwise, one day we might be holding a bake sale for your child’s college tuition, your next medical operation, your retirement accounts, your home’s solar panels, and updated spyware detection program. Please think about all this and consider it.

Should Napalm be banned

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Perhaps, you did not realize it but most countries have signed a treaty to prohibit gas-air weapons on the battlefield. Yes, that is a fantastic way to explain it, and you certainly would not want to be on the losing end of this game. Incidentally the United States didn’t sign the treaty.

Why you ask, well, we’re the inventors of Napalm, and the more modern versions of gas-air weapons, that are even more deadly than previously, also more accurate, genuinely scary stuff, and whether the 1000-degree and fire will not kill you, all of the oxygen is pumped to the fire so that you suffocate, either way you don’t have any escape. Even countries refusing to sign the chemical weapons ban sign were worried about gas-air weapons in the skies.

Nowadays, we could easily send those deadly munitions from UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) or drone. Again, scary things, but allow me to inform you of an even scarier potential invention for robotically dropped gas-air weapons using swarms of UAVs constantly refueling the weapon pods employing aerial refueling and unleashing this hell for hours and hours until there are no enemy infantry everywhere.

To begin with, I suggest having a pod of polymer balls that expand when filled to 2,000 times their initial size. They’ll be full of a liquid fuel-explosive mix, along with the polymer balls un-expanded will sit within the pod and after the gas enters the room”x-amount” of chunks will be discharged and like a membrane sponge soak up the gas until the inside cavity of the pod is stuffed. The liquid-fuel volatile will be moved into a reservoir at the UAV, the UAV will then search and strike within a swarm of 100s of different UAVs.

Once depleted of polymer balls and gas that the UAV will fly back up into the suitable elevation and match up with the airborne re-fueler and repeat as long as necessary, possibly days? Yes, I do have drawings, drawings and schematics and in case you’ve got a security clearance, then come look me up. Nobody wants or enjoys warfare, but if you end up in one, you have to acquire, and decisively. Please think about all this and consider it.

Who wins an Arms Race

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It’s a race right? So there may be a winner and loser right? The country who spends the most can win, or they might not, the nation that is most efficient in their expenditures has a better advantage but may have a smaller economy to tax to take action? Any state who enters into an arms race accepts the expense to its culture, economy and culture. Any nation under threat that doesn’t could lose their culture if it goes to war, and also loses its ability to do hardcore international negotiations, trade deals, etc. which may hurt its treasury and economic vitality. Okay so, let us talk.

There was an interesting article from the Garrett Hardin Society Newsletter titled;”The Tragedy of the Commons” by Garrett Hardin, 1968 which said:

“At the end of a thoughtful article on the future of nuclear war, Wiesner and York (1) concluded that: “Both sides in the arms race are… confronted by the dilemma of steadily increasing military power and steadily decreasing national security. It is our considered professional judgment that this dilemma has no technical solution. If the great powers continue to look for solutions in the region of science and technology only, the result is to worsen the situation.”

These are all great points; and as I write posts and come up with new military concepts, it has occurred to me that as we develop new and more sophisticated weapons our enemies or perhaps allies now future enemies later also work to garner those advances and better them. The RAND Corp had many papers on this, many very good, and had played war-game situations, where everyone loses, or even if you win, you really lose or have such heavy losses it’s not worth it. When a culture is destroyed, everybody wins. The people that live there, and the remainder of the global market cleaning up the mess.

During the US Civil War the North had better bullets that spiraled in flight – more accurate at a greater distance, it wasn’t long before the South had them result more casualties and lost limbs on both sides

If we create unmanned systems to do our bidding, truly autonomous, it will not be long before our potential opponent deploys the same, robots killing humans, and it only takes one unearned ego to pull the initial trigger or one megalomaniac fighter to make a no-win political impasse, so what’s the word of caution; recall human if playing with fire!

What did Einstein say;

“You Can’t Simultaneously Prepare for and Prevent War.”

What did Karl von Clausewitz state:

“Failure to Defend Your Nation Will Come at the Expense of Your Civilization.”

I hope you’ll please consider all of this.

Did Bush 43 get it Correct?

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We hear things all the time about”yellow cake” and the way the CIA and intelligence agencies allegedly lied that Saddam was trying to get Uranium to improve. Somehow the story of WMD altered definitions from the left-leaning media to mean”nuclear” weapons of mass destruction, not chemical or biological WMD.

Another day, I read a different report from a Think Tank that said;”Congress thought the so-called WMD’lies’ also long before Bush. In actuality, British Intelligence still stands by the story.”

This hardly surprises me, since we now know that the WMD (chemical weapons) left Iraq three times until we entered Baghdad, a Russian Convoy took them across into Syria, a few actually made it to Libya, and that’s the reason why the Bush Administration noted that the axis of evil and three more nations were afterwards added.

Gaddafi immediately realized he was following and made a deal with the Bush Administration to come clean. It is just now WMD supposed radioactive substance from the media, but we know Saddam had chemical weapons, largely because we sold them the compounds to use against the Iranians in that long war they had. I think if more people would stop using the sound bites and TV Cable political rhetoric and read up on this stuff things would certainly be a lot better.

Simple, we all know this because we offered them to use against the Iranians in the Iraq-Iran war. Chemical weapons which is, and they had some left-over and generated some also. It’s not tough to create the stuff, Iraq had weapon scientists also, some even came after the Fall of the Soviet Union, bioweapon specialists. There is not anything secret about any of this, and the two presidents did not state that, Obama did before elected but he was not privy to any of the and lies about everything anyway.

President Bush knew he could not establish the Yellow Cake thing following the Spanish intelligence blew the Niger yellow cake story out of proportion. Libya ended up with some of the WMD also, and did you see how quickly Gadhafi capitulated when we discovered, he practically chose to come clean whatever we requested to the Russian’s chagrin.

Anyway, perhaps it’s time we stop playing games with media quotations, especially from context, an individual can not have it both ways, an individual can’t mention the media when it suits them then call it all depends and condemn it as it does not – there’s not any honor to that behaviour. If we keep rewriting history, we will not learn from it, and so, we’ll be doomed to repeat it.

Change NATO’s GDP requirement

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So long as the members of NATO are finally agreeing to cover their 2% pre-agreed upon expenses according to the NATO rules, the United States should require that NATO countries compensate for their formerly unpaid contributions. When those are completely made present, we have to re-negotiate – and the new provisions of NATO has to be determined by a USD (US Dollar) amount not 2% of their GDPs.

Well, it is simple really, you see I have been seeing the slow-motion train wreak we call the European Union (EU). Greece remains borrowing, and they are borrowing from Germany and the IMF to use that cash to cover loans incurred, finally they will default, and then leave the EU. At that stage, they will still need to be in NATO but their GDP will be less than a 1/3 of what it is now. As the EU increasingly more countries leave as Britain did, a lot of these individual nation-states will observe their GDPs radically cut briefly.

Okay so, what I am saying is that; countries could economically collapse and consequently, 2% of GDP will be 1/3 of what it is now. So, let us make hardline investment rule and foundation it in USD, not Euro or another currency, particularly since our money is getting stronger and will continue to get more powerful as other country’s economies investment and crash comes pouring into where it can find a good return on investment in a secure haven economic environment.

Another reason why the 2% rule bothers me is that this has been going on some time and countries who sell and export protection products such as tanks, missiles, airplanes, and boats through in-country corporate defense contractors stand to gain substantially with the new growth in military purchases, while those EU countries who do not make military hardware are certain to go further in debt purchasing weapons of war. This only further exacerbates the current problem of inequality of EU countries as the productive nations grow in strength while the non-productive countries fall behind in unsustainable debt.

Sure, one could say, that is not our problem, however when we’re holding the bag for NATO, we’re on the hook for their slowdown of purchases of 2% of their respective GDPs as people GDPs take a serious financial haircut on account of the failing Euro Zone project and increasingly arrogant and elitist socialist EU leadership.

I don’t mean to be a hard ass about it, but now that we see how quickly the NATO countries have recapitulated and re-promised their required contributions to their militaries, perhaps we need to put a little fairness back into the system, let’s renegotiate this – and do what is best for America. Oh and allow them to purchase and pay for a ship load of F-35s, Patriot Missile Systems, J-Dams, C-130s first, then re-negotiate.

Unique ways to up sales

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Why should you employ somebody with a sense of humor?

Well, allow me to tell you a story.

His last job was working in an Auction House and he claimed he had been able to raise the provider’s earnings by over 5000% in one-year. He acted appalled that I did not feel the 5000% gains in earnings figure.

“It was 5000 percent and might even have been higher!”

At this time I needed to listen to his secret. He said;

“It was easy, during every auctioning session, he would sneak up in the rafters and scatter’itching powder’ very lightly on the crowd below. Those bidding could not help themselves and maintained itching their hair, shoulders and head. – and every time they did that bumped up the price because those were seen as gestures to bid higher.”

Well, that is a creative solution really, but was it real? And, how did he measure this? He clarified the numbers and raises and yes, it was somewhere close to 5000%. A 4960% boost in reality when I did the math. I never found out if he actually did that or not, but he was the most fascinating person I had ever interviewed and that I was hiring for a position in the R&D section, the name being Director of Innovation, in charge of all of the innovation team leaders.

He delivered his statement with such a straight face, I wonder whether it was true. If it’s real -“Wow, that is quite a business narrative.”

It’s great to have fun people in your organization’s innovation center – with interesting men and women who think outside the box is also an excellent thing. We do not treat people like people. We don’t see the human side, and how specific personality traits could be a lot more important than foundation knowledge, University levels, or years in an industry.

Unique men and women are valuable to a company – but if you disagree, well, perhaps you should just hire a whole lot of robots and call it Robotic Resources rather than Human Resources. Oh and while you’re at it, why don’t you save your business some money and hire a robot to replace you too? Who wants a boring and dull human in human resources – we’ve got enough of these already. That is probably why we’ve got the problems in this business that we do now! Think on this individual.