Global water shortage

Global water shortage

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Webster defined drought as a period of below-average precipitation in a given region, resulting in prolonged shortages in its water supply, whether atmospheric, surface water or ground water. The world today is confronted with the fact that lots of countries around the globe have wasted their natural resource of fresh water to the point that quite critical shortages are already happening. What’s amazing though is that the Earth provides all living things with abundant amounts of rainfall and snow to survive. The logistics of fresh water transport to regions that are faced with dire shortages is hampered by monetary constraints that always thwart those areas from getting relief form their water shortages.

Whether it’s greed, the inhumanity of man or just plain ignorance are the main reasons why millions of people are now facing acute shortages of fresh clean water. It’s very apparent to see that abundant fresh available water is the first primary requirement for all other projects. Without abundant accessible fresh water any future growth whether it is new construction for homes or businesses or for agriculture will end up in failure. What is a big factor of the contributor to global water shortages is because of mans gluttony of the consumption of fossil fuels for the last 100 years. This disaster is happening right now in regions in the Mid East and will disperse through-out the planet if we don’t utilize the technologies which are now available to usher in an age of progress to eliminate the enormous consumption of fossil fuel sources. In addition, we have to coordinate global initiatives to end drought conditions which are already happening around the world.

In Egypt due to the lack of sufficient infrastructure to trap rain run offs the current days of heavy rain and subsequent flooding swept tons of dirt and other containments in the Nile. The Nile is the main fresh water supplier for all of Egypt now has been deluged with slit and sewage forcing the closures of nearly all of their water treatment centers. This is only a sample of the monumental task of securing abundant fresh water for Egypt. The situation is dire for other Mid Eastern countries as well.

The United States is not immune to the lack of fresh clean water either. Flint Michigan is a normal example of man’s carelessness in not supplying fresh water to the people of Flint, Michigan. Coastal regions like Florida also have insufficient measures in place to provide fresh water for the growing population. And, what ever rain drops the rain run off goes directly to the Atlantic or to the Gulf of Mexico. With so much emphasis on the recent Dakota oil pipe line at which so much media attention is focused we ought to be really focusing on water transport instead of oil. Man can live quite well without oil but cannot live long without fresh water.

We should remember that before modern times the Incas were able to sustain their culture over the rain line by collecting dew and directing it to cisterns for later distribution. Historical records indicate the usage of water-collecting fog fences. These traditional methods have been fully passive, requiring no external energy source aside from naturally occurring temperatures. We have already developed water technologies far superior to what the Incas deployed. There should be no reason why anyone anywhere around the world should have to suffer due to the lack of accessible fresh water. And yet wars are continually being fought for water rights. Now, the increasing costs associated with the absence of potable fresh water have put humanity on the very brink of a catastrophe that if not immediately addressed will add to the installation of a catastrophe of epic proportions which will soon explode on a global scale.

Yet, it continues to be the greed of man whether it is for corporate profits, political gain, or the capability to control populations the available technologies that would greatly decrease the global tensions because of the absence of fresh available potable water are retained from ever reaching the places that benefit the most. When you have water businesses using free solar power to harness enough fresh water right form the atmosphere but purposely maintain that technology cost prohibitive only further exasperates water shortages. The need is crucial that to defuse a ticking time bomb as a result of lack of fresh potable water these technologies must be made available to regions and countries which are most vulnerable to suffering as a result of the lack of fresh water. In the end water companies will become more rewarding and global suffering of populations will facilitate. All because now they will have available fresh water without needing to fight for water rights.