North Korea

North Korea

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The threat of nuclear war between the USA and Russia was on the table consequently. The question is if this North Korean crisis is any different? As in 1962 that a dictator of a relatively small country is demonstrating a threat to the mighty power of North America.

In 1961 Kennedy inherited the situation by Dwight D. Eisenhower, his predecessor, who had ordered the CIA to fund and train a group of Cuban exiles with the intent of overthrowing Castro.

US firms and interests in Cuba were targeted and Castro’s anti-American rhetoric and other things had motivated Eisenhower to attempt the overthrow. On the other side, however, Cuba was ready for the attack when it occurred on Kennedy’s watch in 1962.

Since the poorly armed exiles landed they were met with counter-attacks in the Cuban army and their supply ships were sunk. While the USA anticipated the people of this island nation would rise up in support of the invasion it did not happen. Rather Russia stepped in and delivered missiles and constructed suitable bases to prevent another attempt at military intervention.

The recently elected President lost significant prestige in his own nation and the threat of atomic war was greatly escalated. So what’s the difference today with the present situation.

Trump is also recently elected. Russia is standing by and will without doubt support the aims of the dictator whose regime is strictly controlled and will stand behind him.

China hasn’t complied with requests to stop trade with the nation and Kim Jong-un seems well delighted with the crisis he’s created. No matter how much they’ve pleaded with those who might help prevent him he continues to push harder to attain his objective.

Trump has put himself out there with his high-handed dangers and to back away from them isn’t in his character. Now he’s announced that efforts to get China to assist with the crisis has failed. Will he, like Kennedy, order an invasion and will Russia and China go to the help of North Korea or stand apart.

Russia quickly went into Syria to encourage Assad, another dictator that has threatened world peace. It’s provided him with weapons and support from the Russian army so can it manage to do the exact same for North Korea?

The reason is that the Russian market is badly affected and it can’t wage such a war against the USA. It is, nevertheless, meddling in elections in the western countries, such as the USA. Where this will lead is anybody’s guess at this time but the odds of an all-out invasion by the USA and its allies into North Korea is looking more likely by the day.

We’re in the end times, regardless of what happens. By the time when the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Japan on August 6th, 1945 leaders of nations have been confronting the afternoon when a nuclear war is inevitable.

Treading carefully through the diplomatic and good-neighbour policies of authorities takes skill and Trump doesn’t have that in him. Old Testament prophecies have explained the strategy to bring the world to an end and it seems like they are coming true:

“And the slain of God shall be at that day from one end of the ground… unto another… they will be dung on the floor.” Jeremiah 26:33

That’s a frightening promise but there are cases of these from the East where the deceased are so many that burial is nearly impossible. Aleppo in Syria is one such location. The bombs that rained down on the people were indiscriminate in their own intentions and mortal in effect.

The question is whether there’ll be anyone alive to document it? Is the North Korean Crisis and Trump the causes to bring it about?