Unique ways to up sales

Unique ways to up sales

Fish Auction Hall, Hamburg, Building

Why should you employ somebody with a sense of humor?

Well, allow me to tell you a story.

His last job was working in an Auction House and he claimed he had been able to raise the provider’s earnings by over 5000% in one-year. He acted appalled that I did not feel the 5000% gains in earnings figure.

“It was 5000 percent and might even have been higher!”

At this time I needed to listen to his secret. He said;

“It was easy, during every auctioning session, he would sneak up in the rafters and scatter’itching powder’ very lightly on the crowd below. Those bidding could not help themselves and maintained itching their hair, shoulders and head. – and every time they did that bumped up the price because those were seen as gestures to bid higher.”

Well, that is a creative solution really, but was it real? And, how did he measure this? He clarified the numbers and raises and yes, it was somewhere close to 5000%. A 4960% boost in reality when I did the math. I never found out if he actually did that or not, but he was the most fascinating person I had ever interviewed and that I was hiring for a position in the R&D section, the name being Director of Innovation, in charge of all of the innovation team leaders.

He delivered his statement with such a straight face, I wonder whether it was true. If it’s real -“Wow, that is quite a business narrative.”

It’s great to have fun people in your organization’s innovation center – with interesting men and women who think outside the box is also an excellent thing. We do not treat people like people. We don’t see the human side, and how specific personality traits could be a lot more important than foundation knowledge, University levels, or years in an industry.

Unique men and women are valuable to a company – but if you disagree, well, perhaps you should just hire a whole lot of robots and call it Robotic Resources rather than Human Resources. Oh and while you’re at it, why don’t you save your business some money and hire a robot to replace you too? Who wants a boring and dull human in human resources – we’ve got enough of these already. That is probably why we’ve got the problems in this business that we do now! Think on this individual.